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At the same time, the equivalent amount of stablecoins are taken out of circulation or destroyed. Just like in the case of any emerging asset class, cryptocurrencies have also been subject to the influence of market forces. Various types of crypto projects are currently identifying methods for reducing risk and fostering participation in the wider crypto ecosystem. The different stablecoin types showed the possibilities of integrating stability directly in the crypto assets. Cryptocurrency’s unpredictability comes in contrast to the generally stable prices of fiat money, such as U.S. dollars, or other assets, such as gold. Values of currencies like the dollar do change gradually over time, but the day-to-day changes are often more drastic for cryptocurrencies, which rise and fall in value regularly.

With the rise in demand, new stablecoins will be created to reduce the price to the normal level. In event of considerably low coin trading, coins on the market are purchased up for reducing circulating supply. Are described as an IOU — you use your dollars to buy stablecoins that you can redeem later for your original currency. Unlike other cryptos, with value that can fluctuate wildly, fiat-backed stablecoins aim to have very small price fluctuations.

By nature of being more regulated, stablecoins may also have less liquidity than regular cryptocurrencies. However, stablecoins are not a panacea to cross-border humanitarian aid problems. The World Economic Forum points out that the intended users of these “humanitarian stablecoins” might lack digital literacy, as well as access to digital tools or even an internet connection. Cryptocurrency offers the potential for fast transactions and low fees, but there’s still the problem that a cryptocurrency like bitcoin could fluctuate wildly in value overnight.

When they are not audited, it is not always possible to know whether the company has equivalent reserves corresponding to the asset to which the stablecoin is pegged. Despite the fact that all stablecoins are digital currencies, not all of them function in the same manner. Each coin’s corporation or development group can choose from a variety of blockchain technology, adaptability, and underlying securities. The blockchain provides stablecoins and other cryptos with special attributes that conventional money at your bank does not have. For instance, you can transfer your stablecoins to anybody on the globe who has internet access and a crypto wallet that supports them.

While an algorithmic stablecoin is pegged to the value of a real-world asset, it is not backed by one. In other words, a stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar is designed to maintain a price of $1. Commodity-collateralized stablecoins are backed by other kinds of interchangeable assets. However, there are also stablecoins backed by oil, real estate, and various precious metals. The asset backed stablecoins are gaining popularity in the decentralized world; it seeks to give tough competition to fiat currencies. At present Tether USDT has a circulating supply of 73,809,061,439 USDT.


In 2021, the market capitalization of stable coins sky-rocketed reaching $100 billion. These other assets may act like actual cash much of the time, but they’re not real cash. About 76 percent of its reserves are held as cash or cash equivalents (the vast majority of which is short-term corporate debt, also known as commercial paper). Our mission is to provide readers with accurate and unbiased information, and we have editorial standards in place to ensure that happens.

What is an example of a stablecoin

At the time of this writing, these include Omni, Ethereum, Tron, EOS, and Liquid. Sign Up NowGet this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. The state’s top law enforcement official had accused the firms of moving hundreds of millions of dollars to cover up $850 million of losses. For example, Gelt High-Yield Savings allows users to deposit USD directly into DeFi protocols.

Why are stablecoins used in crypto trading?

Being pegged to other cryptocurrencies makes them much more vulnerable to price instability in comparison to fiat- or commodity-backed stablecoins. Holders of commodity-backed stablecoins are essentially exposed to the value of a real-world asset. These assets have the potential to appreciate — or depreciate — in value over time, which can affect the incentives for trading these coins.

What is an example of a stablecoin

An audit process is an expensive and time-consuming process that underscores the capabilities of a decentralized blockchain. Precious metals such as gold has often been viewed as a good store of value since it retains its value pretty well relative to other assets. That is why investors flock to gold (considered a ‘safe haven) during a market recession where every other asset depreciates. The central entity needs to be trusted for the fully-functioning of the system, which goes against the principle of cryptocurrencies.

Algorithmic Stablecoins

Binance continues to offer a wrapped BUSD token (BEP-20) on BNB Chain. Furthermore, certain crypto-backed stablecoins also have the backing of multiple cryptocurrencies for ensuring efficient risk distribution. Additionally, crypto-backed stablecoins also have the advantage of improved liquidity. However, crypto-collateralized stablecoins what is a stablecoin and how it works are one of the most complex stablecoin types in use right now. Therefore, every fiat-backed stablecoin has real fiat currency in a bank account for backing it up. Users can redeem their coins as the entity managing the stablecoin takes the corresponding amount of fiat currency from their reserve and sends it to the user’s bank account.

What is an example of a stablecoin

However, the use of stablecoins offers a solution to this problem because they serve as a crypto-fiat trading pair. Users can trade with USD-backed stablecoins instead of actual dollars. These traits may lead to the accelerated adoption of cryptocurrency trading in the conventional world of asset exchange.

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After selecting the application, the user will be required to deposit a specific amount in the account. Further the deposited amount will be transferred to the user’s cryptocurrency wallet. You can earn stablecoins by working on projects within the Ethereum ecosystem. Stablecoins are Ethereum tokens designed to stay at a fixed value, even when the price of ETH changes. This information may be different than what you see when you visit a financial institution, service provider or specific product’s site. All financial products, shopping products and services are presented without warranty.

  • If you look closely, less than 4 percent was actual cash, while most is held in short-term corporate debt.
  • In fact, it’s the world’s third-biggest digital coin by market value.
  • Let’s say the stablecoin drops from the target price of $1 to $0.75.
  • Yes it’s an all new term that is climbing the crypto popularity ladder.
  • CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

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Examples of Stablecoins

Crypto-backed stablecoins could help processes become more trustless with improved security and better transparency. Without any single entity in control of your funds, you have the benefit of decentralization. You can borrow some stablecoins by using crypto as collateral, which you have to pay back. Its value is roughly a dollar and it’s accepted widely across dapps. These are probably the best-known examples of stablecoins right now and the coins we’ve found useful when using dapps.

What is an example of a stablecoin

This allows for better risk distribution; the volatility risks for a single cryptocurrency is much higher than that of a combined group of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, a stablecoin backed by a single cryptocurrency wouldn’t make much sense since cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and wouldn’t make a good store of value. Stablecoins are commonly used in the cryptocurrency market as a hedge against Bitcoin and other top altcoins. Many cryptocurrency traders (mostly short-term traders) sell their cryptocurrencies for stablecoins if they think that there’s impending news that will reduce the general cryptocurrency prices. Looking at monthly volume rankings, you can observe that Tether has the second highest trading volume, only second to bitcoin.

Stablecoins such as TerraUSD, USDD, DEI and others crashed to zero in 2022 alone. Tether is currently the world’s largest market capitalization stablecoin. It has been accused of failing to produce audits for reserves used to collateralize the quantity of minted USDT stablecoin. Tether has since issued assurance reports on USDT backing, although some speculation persists.

Ethereum protocol

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Rebase algorithmic stablecoins control the supply of a coin to maintain its value. There are multiple kinds of algorithmic stablecoins, and the three main types are rebase, seigniorage, and fractional-algorithmic. Each of these coin types uses a different kind of algorithm to maintain value. The cost of maintaining the stability of the stablecoin is the cost of storing and protecting the commodity backing.

During the second half of 2019, the tech giant announced on its revolutionary project – Libra, as the initiative is touted, is supposed to be pegged to a basket of fiat currencies and some more assets. For many cryptocurrency traders, they serve as a lifeboat to escape to when they want to hedge their crypto portfolio without cashing out to FIAT. This is very effective especially during bear markets or to keep profit in FIAT value. After all, the world’s day-to-day currency is still FIAT and not Bitcoin. Stablecoins offer many benefits that other cryptocurrencies provide, with one essential difference – they are stable, hence the name. Analysts at JPMorgan have previously warned that a sudden loss of confidence in tether could result in a “severe liquidity shock to the broader cryptocurrency market.”