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Ajjawi Trading Company

Continue contacting and participate in international exhibitions in order to establish economic cooperation relations with international companies to reach agreements to obtain agencies for the products of these companies

About us

Ajjawi Trading Company was established in 1981 through a wholesale shop in the city of Jenin under the management of its founder and owner Hamza AJjawi through working in all foodstuffs, beverages and detergents with the aim of wholesale and retail and as a result of effort and good reputation a good base of customers, suppliers and social relations was built in the region which continued for the year 2000 to start a new phase of the second generation of the company is the sons of Hamzah, Bashar and Bashir Ajjawi after the death of their father Hamza Ajjawi the same year.

The company has started a new phase by importing the company’s products with its main brand Laziza, as well as other brands such as Sahtain, Ajjawi and Afifia, as well as acquiring local and international agencies through the operation of its new headquarters, which covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters. With an area of ​​3000 meters and a packaging warehouse with an area of ​​500 meters and the remaining space represents large squares and administrative offices.

Our methodology

The products are marketed through the sales department, which includes a group of delegates distributed throughout the West Bank, Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948. Our sales department is equipped with the latest practical methods in operation worldwide, and there is also a special department for marketing and promotion.

Our system

All the company’s divisions are operated through accounting programs that control all operational processes of quality control and effective control over the workflow. The company also holds annual exhibitions. All the company’s customers are invited to receive facilities, privileges and offers during the exhibition days, so that a state of belonging and communication between the company’s staff and its customer base is created.

What distinguishes us

We have the capabilities and the special relationship in the Palestinian market, which makes us able to take a larger share on the shelf inside the supermarket, which facilitates the marketing of these products effectively and a stronger appearance within the Palestinian market. The selection of the company’s varieties is also carefully selected and the best international companies are selected to produce items with certain specifications for each one.

    Our Mission

Our products and services are distinctive for the consumer to emphasize our trade slogan (health always)

   Our prospects

Engaging in partnerships with investors with well thought out and successful projects.

Contribution to social responsibility.

Support the Palestinian labor force and provide employment opportunities.

Participation in international exhibitions and the presence of a special section in the company and its products.

The Margins Of Our Interests

  1.  Engage in the field of industry through partnership in the factory of the world of nature for the Tahina and Halawa in the city of Nablus and receiving an ISO 22000 certification.
  2.  Branching out to two locations in the city of Jenin for wholesale.
  3.  Working in the field of real estate development in the Arab American region through a real estate development company.
  4.  Work in the field of new and used car trade in Jenin governorate.
  5.  Investing in real estate in Jordan.

Contact Us

Ajjawi Trading Company Jenin – Palestine
Phone: 0097242453225
Fax: 0097242453234
E-Mail : info@ajjawe.ps